Augusta, Montana

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Nifty day-trip today. This is an unusual sight just a few miles away from the destination.
Any guesses where we went?

UPDATE: yep, Zen is correct – we headed out to Augusta, and it was awesome. Tiny community – population about 300 or so, I think – with one main street that takes you back in time. One general store, one “bunk house” hotel, a unique gift & art store, a Western clothing store, a diner, a library, and a couple of bars that double as restaurants. Friendly people (duh). And, as my elder daughter reported when she spent time there in 2006, there were quite a few dogs wandering the streets, all just as friendly as the people. On the side streets we found another hotel with a cool retro sign, the public school, and a few parks, houses, and old buildings.

Day Trip to Augusta, Montana
(click to see full-size pix)

And when we left Augusta, we drove a few miles north on 287 and then turned on to a gravel road, and about a mile in we came across the solitary train car perched on cement blocks, surrounded by cows (and baby cows!). I have no idea why that rail car is there, how it got there, or anything else about it…but it sure is interesting to see. And, of course, just a few miles to the west were the snow-capped Rocky Mountains. Stunning. And on a clear day, like today, the sobriquet “Big Sky” definitely applied.



  1. Nope…it’s a complete mystery to me, Randy. I hope that somebody that sees this pictures can offer an explanation. Sure is cool to see!

  2. I’m assuming they’re using the grain car as a pseudo-grain elevator… likely storing cattle feed? I bet your trip was windy…

  3. Did you go all the way to Bean Lake? Beautiful little gem of a lake snuggled up against the mountains. (If you did not go that far you will have to make another trip this summer & take your fishing poles, swim trunks & water toys.)
    I always try to stop at Latigo & Lace in Augusta for a latte & to drool over all of their very interesting yummy gift items. Seems I always buy a Christmas gift or two whenever I go there – sometimes for me!! LOLOLOL!! Glad you had fun!

  4. I love Latigo & Lace! They had a teddybear made with beaver fur a couple years back. If I’d have had $500 I would have snapped it up! It’s such a great antique shop!

  5. Gosh Zen, only $500????? You could have bought me one too! Yes, they have yummy things.
    I see the store is for sale & I hope who ever the new owner eventually is they do not change a thing except perhaps bring the prices down a little.

  6. Mel’s diner has awesome ice cream…. popular spot for the Girl Scout camp staff as they come off a week of camp for the weekend.

  7. OH MY!! I forgot about the ice cream at Mel’s! They also have a really good breakfast there if you feel like a drive up early some morning. (Can’t wait for summer to get here, now!)

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