Happy Birthday!

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OK, everyone, on the count of three let’s all sing “Happy Birthday” to my father. You’ll have to sing really loud, since he lives in Texas. Ready? 1…2…3: Happy Birthday To You


OK, maybe singing to him won’t work, but if you’d like to wish him a happy birthday, the best way is probably to leave a comment with your favorite (ie, worst) pun or joke. Since most of Dad’s jokes are pre-war (Civil), he could probably use some fresh material (ba-dum). And as proof of his bad punnery, read what his lovely wife Jacqui (pictured above) had to say in this comment. So give it a shot – your worst pun or joke!



  1. I’m sorry I can’t help you here Dave. As far as I’m concerned mimes and punsters are in the same category and should be whacked with an olive loaf. 🙂

    Happy birthday to the senior Sherman anyway.

  2. Happy Birthday & Happy Purim.

    Enjoy the hamantaschen (I’m assuming that Texas hamantaschen is stuffed with pecan filling, huh?)!

  3. Happy Birthday Dad Sherman!! It is good to know where your wonderful son got his good traits from…now if we only knew where he became such a trouble maker…..{snickers}
    David: You are lucky to still have your Dad around – enjoy every single moment that you possibly can!!

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