Blogging 101

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UPDATE, April 4: the next Blogging 101 will be held on Saturday, April 12, at high noon at the Park-n-Ponder!

Anyone interested in a “Blogging 101” get-together?

A few folks have asked me about starting their own blog – or tweaking their existing blog. Trying to arrange one-on-one sessions is proving difficult, so how about a “Blogging 101” session, open to anyone who wants to learn more about it?

Tentatively scheduled for Saturday, March 29, around 2:00 pm at the Park-n-Ponder. We could relax over some snacks, coffee, etc, and talk about different types of blogs, software options, hosting choices, and such. And don’t be worried about anything too technical: trust me – if you’re able to type an e-mail, I can have you blogging like a pro in under an hour. If you’re interested, leave a comment here or drop me a line or use the Contact form to send me an e-mail.



  1. LOLOLOLO – I have to understand exactly what kind of thingy a ping is first!! Vague ideas float thru my head between bouts of tax words like depreciation, qualified joint ventures, Altrernative minimum tax, etc. Just hoping I am not too old & moldy to learn new stuff. 🙂

  2. ReAnn,

    A ping list is geek-speak for “A list of web servers that your blog will send a message to every time there is new content. The message that the blog sends when it pings a server effectively says ‘hey, I have new content, look at me!’

    Example: You’ll see in the list. When a new post is added to the blog, WordPress (what I use) sends a message to and says (effectively) “I’ve got a new post, please index it”.


  3. Ahhhhh – See, I was sure it was a good thing which is why I wanted to learn about it! It will be a good thing for my blog.
    Any chance you are going to come to Great Falls for Blogging 101 (I am sure you could add a lot!) & to meet the Great Falls Bloggers on Saturday? {crossing fingers}

  4. Too bad! Maybe you could come when David decides to do blogging 102 or 201? (Assuming David will continue to be so good as to do these…{crossing fingers again}) It would be interesting to meet you & I am sure you could certainly add to a class in many ways!

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