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Milwaukee Station Tower in Great Falls Periodically, I like to present an “introduction” to for folks who might be visiting for the first time. If you’re new, welcome to! This is a “web-log” (aka blog) that I created in 2005 to feature, document, and otherwise celebrate my beloved adopted hometown of Great Falls, Montana. What is there to see here? Take a look!

Learn about the “what” and “why” of GreaterFalls. Browse through the Archives: all of the entries, from May 2005 through today, sorted by date (month/day). And be sure to check out all of the other Great Falls blogs; lots of smart, funny people, talking about the politics, culture, beauty, and even the controversies of Great Falls.

How about the Tag Page: all of the entries, but this time organized according to topic. And there’s some handy Great Falls links to Great Falls media and civic sites (TV, government, radio, etc). And a page full of Great Falls events; always something to do in Great Falls!

And some site stuff: want to advertise on And you can subscribe to and receive e-mail updates whenever a new entry is posted. If you’re looking for Montana media (books, movies, magazines), you can browse the “store.”

And, of course, to read stuff here at, just scroll on down the page. If you read something that triggers a response (good or bad!), just click on the “Comments” link and let everyone know what you’re thinking. Comments keep things interesting 🙂

Thanks for visiting, and come on back soon.


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  1. I don’t think I am doing this right but here goes. My Father, Bob Clay, was stationed in Great Falls around 1949,1950 and I don’t remember much. I do remember Murph’s Bar. Does anyone know anything to share about that time in Great Falls and Black Eagle. Thank you, Pat

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