Downtown Albertson’s Closing

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Wow – the Tribune is reporting that the small Albertson’s grocery store on 1st Avenue North – next to the Steinhaus – will be closing on April 17th. I’ve been in there a few times – it’s a little bit like stepping back in time, in a quaint sort of way. I’m sure that there will be plenty of people affected by this, and quite saddened.
UPDATE: KFBB is reporting that some folks are trying to get a petition started in order to convince Albertson’s to keep the store open.



  1. I agree. I wonder what will happen to the employees… It was a great stop-off point for those of us working downtown to pick up that last minute item to cook for dinner, but much sadder for all the people who live downtown and now will pay higher prices at the convenience store or need to find a way to one of the larger stores.

  2. This is terrible news for the northside neighborhood. I have shopped there for 30+ years, know all the staff, and they are “family” to me. The really sad thing is that many of the regulars that I see in there are low-income, disabled, and elderly. I hate to see this happen. It is a sad blow to the entire neighborhood.

  3. I’ll be sad to see it go. On the other hand, it would be nice if that space could be utilized for a “Great Falls Co-op”. I would like to see Great Falls have another good food store aside from 2J’s. If 2J’s was smart they could open another branch in the middle of downtown. I would love to see more home grown and local groceries around. It would help start a revolution downtown. VIVA LA REVOLUCION!

  4. It is sad. It is also a bit ridiculous. There are a LOT of customers that want to patronize a downtown grocery store. I stood outside the store for only about one hour yesterday, and collected over 100 signatures!!! I only received signatures from about 1/3 of the customers.

    So, 300 customers in one hour, spending about $25 each? Sounds like a business model to me. If Albertson’s does not keep the store open, then I am sure we can convince some other retailer that it is a great opportunity.

    This is a very sad development that will have severe repercussions for the lower North side.

    Albertson’s has, of course, the right to do what they will with their own property. However, I find it difficult to believe that a well run local grocery store in our neighborhood can’t be a profitable operation.

    A few years ago, there were three local grocery stores in the area (Albertson’s, Boston Heights Dairy and Beer Baron). If this store closes, there will now be no options for Northside residents without vehicles to purchase groceries.

    Neighborhood Council Seven has begun to circulate a petition to ask Albertson’s to keep the store open. Even if a petition does not convince Albertson’s to keep their store open, at the very least, a public petition might serve as a vehicle for some unknown potential investor to gauge demand.

    For a copy of the petition, please email me at aaron AT weissman DOT com. We need more than just signatures, however. Please also let me know if you are willing to work a shift collecting signatures in front of the store in the hour.

    We would like someone there every day until April 17 from 4:45 to 6 p.m. Please help!

  5. Instead of crying about the lousy old Albertsons, start a petition to Trader Joe’s and see if they would be interested in locating here.

    For those not acquainted with Trader Joe’s, think of 2J’s on steroids. Great selection, high quality and very fair pricing. Home of the Two Buck Chuck for you winos.

    Start by writing here –

  6. I would be glad to give a copy of the petitions to Trader Joes, or any other grocery retailer. However, a few months ago I made a point to speak with a Trader Joe’s store manager in Portland about the possibility of a store here. He said that they really didn’t consider moving to a community unless the population exceeded 250,000.

    Other retailers that could expand into that space could be Van’s, 2Js, Daisy’s Deli, etc.

  7. Lance, I am not arguing with you. I would LOVE the opportunity to regularly shop at a Trader Joe’s. I filled out the link you sent.

    However, what is the distance from Bend to Portland? Sixty Miles? I know people that commute from Bend to Portland. Can you offer them a similar population base here?

  8. Aaron, I’m not arguing with you. I do find it hard to believe people will drive 350 miles round trip Portland to Bend for grocery shopping.

    Might have something to do with the six Trader Joe’s located in greater Portland area.

  9. i dont think TJs opens stores in low income areas. it sounds like this neighborhood has many residents with fixed incomes. they want their customers to be able to try all the random new stuff they get on a weekly basis. and you just cant find certain products at TJs. some stuff like nutella, cornmeal (they only sell cornmeal muffin/bread mix)

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