Dad Chimes In

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Time once again for another edition of “Dad Chimes In,” wherein my father, a retired Air Force doctor living in Texas, provides his two cents on a recent entry; today’s e-mail from dad is about the Healthy Cafe logo:

And by the way – it looks like he has given his musings a title…

And now for Howard’s Horrific and Humble Humor point of view on the work of art logo described and shown in David’s update…ready, here we go:

1. She is anorexic and is checking the scale to see how many more pounds she needs to lose–of course, that can screw up her potassium and calcium balance and thus bring on a cardiac arrythmia (as in the tragic case of deceased singer Karen Carpenter).

2. Notice that her head is down, thus ensuring that when she regurgitates her food she will not aspirate it back into her lungs (this is a good preventative move on her part but does not help the cleanliness of the floor).

3. She is wearing a red outfit! Perhaps, going back to the pin-up days and beyond, she was trying to tell her left wing friends that she was a communist sympathizer. Joe McCarthy, are you listening from down there in Hell?

Of course, nowadays wearing red shows that you are joining the fight against heart disease in women, which has become a major cause of death, along with breast and lung cancer in too many women. So, after all of my attempts at humor in this short paragraph, remember one thing: Let’s all support the battle against cardiac disease for both men and women. Donate to cardiac research activities, consider organ donation in your legal documents and statements to family members– and eat a healthy diet, exercise and laugh a lot (yes, some recent cardiovascular studies have indicated that laughter and a positive attitude may be factors favoring cardiac health and longevity).
Signed: “David’s wild and crazy dad” — and GO AIR FORCE!!!

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