Moving To Great Falls: Q & A

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OK, Great Falls, time to put your best foot forward! Got an e-mail from Vivian today, and she & her husband will be moving to Great Falls soon. They’ve got some questions – and you’ve got the answers.

My husband is going to be retiring from the Coast Guard this summer…he has taken a job in Great Falls. I have read the Chamber of Commerce Site, along with the Official City Site, however I would like to know what it is really like to live there. We will be renting a house so I guess what I am after is what Great Falls is like from someone who actually lives there. Cost of living; shopping, grocery; malls, local downtown shopping; what the weather is like in Spring Summer Winter and Fall; is it easy to get around driving wise. Right now we are in the Seattle area, needless to say the best word that describes traffic is gridlock most of the time. A ball park figure on what rental houses go for. Just the basic three bedroom two bath nothing fancy type but in a good neighborhood. I know all places have crime, what is the crime rate. Any and all information would be greatly appreciated!

I’ll be posting my answers to her questions later, but it would be great to hear what YOU have to say. Let’s have it!



  1. Ok thanks so much! I am really excited about it and hope that after some intense research I decide that its the place for me… I think it would be perfect! I’m just concerned about the job situation.

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