1. Ya sure;

    Go down to the river in the heat of the summer, in “Great Falls”, and take a good long look at all of the flesh playing in the water and riding around on the boats and tubes, and then come back and try to tell me that this picture is risque.

  2. When I read the letter I assumed it was just clever marketing by creating a self serving controversy to generate check it out traffic. It got a meat eater like you to stop in.

  3. I agree with aj. Odds are they didn’t pay for the rights to use the image in the first place. Any decent designer should know better. Plus, any good designer would try to create a “logo” that could be used for the general public. A business should try NOT to offend or alienate a potential customer. It is not offensive to me, in fact the entire thing gave me a chuckle. Her defense of art pushing boundaries was a crock. If by pushing boundaries you mean the woman in the picture looks like she is saying, “Oooops, I gained a pound, I better go stick my finger down my throat.” THAT would be pushing boundaries. Come on, is a girl posing grabbing her ankles really that innocent?

  4. Hmmmm. Risque ? Maybe when the picture was originally created in the era of pin up girls..but in this day and age I think not. But like the others I wonder about copyright laws. Even if it falls into common images.. I don’t think you can use it without paying the distributer company. And even then the artist must have passed away at least 60 years previously.

  5. So what’s the issue? Copyrights or risquenessnicity? We can discuss the former until we’re blue in the face, but it won’t mean anything. That’s for the lawyers to talk about. But the latter… it’s risquelyesque qualities, I think we are qualified to discuss. Just the other day I was in a polka-dotted two piece bending over on my scales. And while the number I was reading speaks to the contrary, I didn’t feel risque one bit.

  6. This logo has confused me since the first time I saw it. It actually made me feel leary of going into that cafe, because I couldn’t tell from the logo what the cafe was about. I don’t think it’s necessarily risque, but what does a girl grabbing her ankles have to do with food? The scale is so minor to the picture I never noticed it until it was pointed out.

  7. I’m with Beatrix- I would have never seen the scale if it had not been pointed out as such.

    Points to Yard Whisperer for his statement about copywrite not beening the issue. I’m sure that now some lawyer will make it an issue.

    Dave why didn’t you try the menu? Where is your sense of adventure? lol 😉

  8. YardWhisperer I just got a mental image of that….
    Just don’t do it while singing any songs from the Greece soundtrack and it might slowly fade from memory ;P

  9. If Charlie Russell would have painted the logo all would have been forgiven and she could have used it as she saw fit. Ol Charlie rules everything in this town from the speed limits to the thought process. Do ya wonder if I can’t stand Charlie………..he’s ancient history but you Great Fallers can’t stand something “modern” like the logo so you have to quip and hemhaw about it.

  10. “If Charlie Russell would have painted the logo all would have been forgiven and she could have used it as she saw fit”
    Sorry, but I am going to respectfully disagree. There are numerous entities in this City that actively enforce copyright of Russells work. I have personal experience with them.

  11. Yikes! I am the owner of the Health Food Cafe. I appreciate opinions from all sides and it was never my intention to offend anyone. I believe in what the cafe represents which is wellness. We have healthy, delicious food and a unique vintage retro atmosphere. I and others have put blood, sweat and tears into this place so naturally I will defend my business when needed. The logo is part of my business although I do hope that my cafe is judged more on the quality of food than anything else. I realize that when you own a business you are then in the public eye and therefor subject to critisism. I was born and raised in GF and I love this place and the people who inhabit it however I feel there is an unusually high amount of conservatism in this town and there are many others who agree. I have lived in other places with pinups and varous risque logos and I can tell you that no one blinked an eye at it. I will continue to run my business as long as I can. I hope that I can contribute to a Greater Great Falls : ) Thanks for the imput!

    Be well,
    Amber Carson

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  13. Yeah you know what who cares it is a clever idea. and you know what the place is awsome. just please give it s rest!

  14. Just wanted folks to know that it is indeed a different “Hutch” that left the comment at 12:46 pm. Here’s a screenshot of the comment e-mail:


    It originated from someone at GFPS. Hutch The Yard Whisperer does not work at GFPS.

  15. I think I copywrote the name “Hutch”. You have to go by the name of Hutchie-poo or Hutchicles or Hutchinsky or Hutchononwitz or McHutch. Welcome to Dave’s page…

  16. Hey….. this is my aunt… so be nice!!! She is one of the coolest and most creative people I have ever met. Although, the Health Food Cafe is no longer running, it was one of the coolest places I have ever went. They had great food and an amazing atmosphere. She would have done anything to keep it running! Good job Amber! I am proud of you!


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