Western Art Capital of the World!

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swimminglessonssmall.jpg It’s time: one of the the things that makes Great Falls so great – the CM Russell Art Auction! I saw Cliff Rossberg the other day, and he mentioned that he will be featured along with many of the other great Western artists at the show. Of course, my favorite Rossberg piece is “Swimming Lessons(you all know that I’m a sucker for those Canada geese!).

But the CM Russell show isn’t the only game in town this week: don’t forget the Western Heritage Artists exhibition, or the GF Native American Art Show, or the Jay Contway & Friends Art Show.

Whew. No wonder Great Falls is known as the Western Art Capital of the World! Any of you locals plan to check out some art?



  1. Odd… I thought *this* was the Western Art Capital of the World… as evidenced by all the art sales held in the SaveMart parking lot and the endless displays of black velvet and blanket art dotting the landscape =)

  2. hey, just came back from the Native American Art Show in the Civic Center! Awesome Stuff! Make sure to have an Indian Taco or some soup. The concessions are a fundraiser for the Native Education Pow-Wow in May!

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