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Some news from my downtown correspondent:

New Clothing Store Downtown
The Blue Rose will open in Mid-April depending on remodel progress. This new boutique located at 419 Central Avenue will offer contemporary, casual to dressy styles for men and women. When we talked to the owner Tracy Perry, she hopes to work in harmony with current established downtown retailers, providing Great Falls shoppers another reason to shop locally. It’s going to be a fun, upbeat boutique, and there will be something for everyone at the Blue Rose. You can contact Tracy at 406-231-9808 or [email protected] Welcome Tracy!!!

St. Patrick Day Parade
Sue Ferrin, our new Downtown Great Falls marketing director, informed me that the parade will start at 3:00 on Monday March 17th. If you have any questions or want to register an entry give Gerry Boland a call at 727-4901.

Also: I have it on very good authority that the Great Falls Development Authority (DGFA) is taking concrete, positive steps towards upgrading their website.

As always, there’s plenty going on in Great Falls. If you have any tidbits or news flashes to share, drop me a line at david AT


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