Call for Help

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Got an e-mail from Fred today – anyone have any ideas about who the woman is, how she is doing, or if there is any way to help her?

Hey, there was a woman found beat very badly in the park not to far from Park & Ponder yesterday morning, do you know anyone or anyway to find out how she is or a way to help her?

Thanks for any assistance.

UPDATE, March 13:
KFBB reported that: “Mauritta Oriana Lemay faces an accountability to assault charge while her sister Trista Jade Devereaux faces charges of aggravated assault and tampering with evidence. The two allegedly beat a 47-year-old Great Falls woman late Saturday night in Gibson Park.”



  1. I guess Spring has Sprung.

    I’ll tell you what frustrates me about this. According to the article, the woman was lying there for four hours before she was found.

    Gibson Park is a great resource for our community. However, we have to do a better job of patrolling it if it is going to remain safe. As a community, we have to start thinking about devoting more resources to patrolling our parks after hours.

  2. I heard about this from My hubby on Monday and went straight to the tribune for more detail…nothing.
    I’m glad they posted a little bit of a follow up and I do hope the woman is ok. On a KFBB story tonight the accused seemed to be nothing more then children! That’s so scary. Me and my kids were at the park the day before and it’s scary to think that
    just hours later someone was hurt there.

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