Visit To Cascade

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bald eagle Saturday was a great day for a short jaunt down to Cascade! Cute town – for such a small community, it sure has some good parks. And right on the Missouri – beautiful. Lunch at the Badger Cafe – delicious! Then a bumpy ride a few miles west towards the old ruins of St Peters, which I believe was built in 1855 and (mostly) burned down in 1887. AND I finally saw my first-ever BALD EAGLES! They were truly stunning – three of them perched in a tree about 200 yards from the road; they took flight and joined up with three other eagles flying over a nearby butte.

Take a look at the pix (click to see full size, or here for slideshow), and if you haven’t been to Cascade lately, it’s worth the 20-minute drive down I-15.

visit to cascade



  1. Great photos! I can’t believe you’d been here this long without seeing bald eagles; I saw one the other day right in Great Falls. But I’m glad you finally did.

    In the olden days of my youth, we had to travel up to Glacier in October to be sure to see a bald eagle (not that there’s anything wrong with a trip to Glacier in October!), but now we can see them almost anywhere, almost anytime. I blame Bush.

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