Overfield – Guilty

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Susan Overfield has been found guilty and sentenced to five days of house arrest.

Susan Overfield Found Guilty

I’ve got mixed feelings about this whole ugly incident.

First, I think that Susan came “loaded for bear” and was prepared for just such an event. Second, I think that the Mayor over-reacted. Surely she could have waited at least before ordering Susan to be removed, and instructed the officer to identify himself. Third, the officer should have identified himself as a police officer before he laid a hand on her. Fourth, Susan almost certainly knew that it was a police officer and not some loony; I’m pretty sure that she knew what was going on.

In that situation, once the fuse was lit, it only took a few seconds for the fire to start.

There are no winners in this – just losers. A small black eye on the face of our wonderful community of Great Falls. It will heal. I think I read that Susan apologized to the officer for striking him – if she did, good on her. It would be very nice if all of the parties involved apologized to each other – and to us. Any takers?


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