Christmas In March?

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Well, no. But it’s not too early to start thinking about Christmas – specifically, the Christmas Stroll, aka the Downtown Stroll! Most of you know what I’m talking about, but for any newcomers, check this out:

Downtown Great Falls is blocked off, vendors set up their booths for food, crafts, and wares, holiday music fills the air, decorations adorn the streetlights and downtown shops, local celebrities become popsicles, and people are of good cheer as they roam the streets, smiling at each other, sipping hot cocoa, nibbling on festive treats, seeing unique holiday surprises (reindeer!), and happy that at least this year’s Stroll isn’t as cold as last year’s Stroll!

And don’t forget that each year brings a fancy new Stroll Button, usually available for purchase (only $5!) beginning in October and making you eligible to win some great prizes:


The Stroll is usually held on the first Friday evening of December; last year they tried to hold it on Saturday from 11 am through 7 pm, but it just didn’t feel the same, so I think that this year’s Stroll – which is the 25th anniversary, by the way – will revert back to form, the way it should be.

It really is one of the highlights of the holiday season in Great Falls. But it doesn’t happen automatically. There are no Stroll Elves who magically put the whole thing together. It takes people to make this happen, and that’s where you come in!

There is a large group of people under the direction of Heather at High Strung Beads that are already working to make this the best stroll ever. At this point it looks like it will be back to a Friday night event. It is the 25th anniversary this year so we will be highlighting that as well as the fact that the proceeds from the sale of the buttons go toward buying Christmas lights for downtown. This is a COMMUNITY event!

This is a great opportunity for you to get involved in planning and conducting one of the best events of the year. If you’d like to help organize, promote, or offer your ideas and talents to the Stroll, give Heather a call (771-6630) at High Strung Beads. You can help make this year’s 25th anniversary Stroll the best ever!


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