The Power of Blogs

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Apropos of the previous entry – wherein the GFDA has not yet discovered that keeping a website current and fresh is push-button simple (and necessary in 2008) – here is an interesting article titled, “Have Blogs Killed Conventional Websites?” Here are some of the reasons listed:

1. Websites are clunky and expensive; blogs are lean and cheap.
2. You have to wait for someone to make changes to your website; your blog can be changed easily by you.
3. You have to wait for someone else to set up your site; your blog can be set up by you in 15 minutes.
8. It takes three to six months for the big search engines to find you with a website. It takes two or three days with a blog.
10. The media are more likely to find you on a blog.
12. You market automatically with a blog. But not with a conventional website.

Let’s examine some of these bullets.

#1, #2, and #3 are duh-simple: creating and maintaining a blog is amazingly easy. Yes, there are varying degrees of “simple,” but believe me when I say that I can have you blogging like a semi-pro in about 45 minutes.
#8 is quite interesting, and here’s a current example: someone arrived at on Sunday night by doing a Google search for “KRTV.” The #10 result was my entry about KRTV’s feature on blogs – that had been posted just 45 minutes earlier. Think about that: Google knows my site, indexes it constantly, and provided someone with my KRTV entry just 45 minutes after I posted it.
#10 also has direct relevance: the producer of the KRTV blog feature contacted me on Sunday morning – because of my blog; and yesterday I got an e-mail from a Tribune reporter asking if I would do an interview about my thoughts on the “coolness” of Great Falls – because of my blog. Two media inquiries in two days. Because of the blog.
#12 ties directly in with #8 and #10: because it is updated regularly, the search engines pick you up quickly. Because you rank high in search engines, the media are much more likely to find you. More media equals more marketing and getting the word out about your product or service.

See, this isn’t hard to figure out. Blogs are here, they’re here to stay, and if a business wants to really take advantage of their website’s potential, they would be smart to catch on.



  1. I totally agree with this. Pacific Steel & Recycling has recently started a blog and our web statistics have gone up dramatically. Any business today that doesn’t have a blog is missing out on opportunities not only for media attention but to get more personal with their audience.

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