Great Falls Sites

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Some websites from around Great Falls that you may not know about:

Dick’s RV Park – located at the intersection of 10th Avenue South and 6th Street SW. I don’t know much about RV parks, but it seems like a good website with all the information you might need.

Morning Light Coffee – my favorite place to grab a 20-ounce triple-shot Americano (iced), a Big Sky bagel, and sometimes a cinnamon twist. Big shout-out to the crew at Morning Light – Sean, Caitlin (Katelyn? Kaitlyn?), Tiana, Becca, and the rest! And to all of the other mid-day regulars!

Fred Pfeiffer – the KRTV weather anchor has his own site, and he also has a page about his Top Ten entry on David Letterman’s show back in 2001.

As noted in the comments earlier today, the good folks over at Pacific Steel & Recycling have a blog – way cool!

And on a slightly different note: did you know that Club Big House has a MySpace page? Or that the “gentleman’s club” (ack) known as Really Windy’s has a website? (note: viewer discretion advised)

But hey – on a more positive note, at least the Really Windy’s site is more current than the GFDA’s!



  1. Really Windy’s is looking for dancers – Yard Whisperer ought to go see if he can find another job there for all of his free time, Zen Panda would have a lot less stress working there with a lot less paperwork to hassle with & David, you could show your cool disco dancing moves!! Ahhhh – I just organized everybody’s lives while drinking coffee at my favorite Cool Beans. {giggling wildly}

  2. David – Sounds like a challenge!!! Are you in too Mr Yard Whisperer?? Perhaps we should have a bloggers nite at the gentleman’s club & get GeeGuy up there so that all of his fan club can *appreciate* more of his talents also??
    {being bad in windy Vaughn – MUST be the wind making me crazy…yup, yup, I am going to blame the wind!!!!!}

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