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Got a text message earlier today from Katie Stukey, a reporter for KRTV, asking me to give her a call. Unfortunately, by the time I called her, it was too late. Turns out she was doing a piece on blogs to air today (Sunday) about the local blogging community. The good news is that instead of me, she spoke with our very own GeeGuy and highlighted his reporting on “open access” and coal plant issues. Also featured in the piece was Eric Heidle, and a plug for the new KRTV Sports Blog. Good on ya, KRTV!

And from the archives back in November 2006 is the feature that KFBB did on local blogs!

And to all of the newcomers who are visiting GreaterFalls after watching the KRTV piece, welcome! You can check out other Great Falls bloggers and links right here, or you can scroll through my archives to see what this is all about. You’re welcome to leave a comment on any entry, and if you’d like to subscribe to receive e-mail updates, here you go. Thanks for stopping by!


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