Dad Chimes In

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Time for another installment of “Dad Chimes In!” This is when my father, a retired Air Force doctor living in Texas, offers up an e-mail response to one of my blog entries. Today’s entry was inspired by the “Rocky Boy defeats Big Sandy” headline. Says my dad:

Okay, I give up. What does this mean? As you know, I am not from Montana, although I have traveled extensively over the years, both in and out of the Air Force. Just had an off the wall idea. Could Rocky Boy and Big Sandy be local candy bars? Mascots for local Middle School basketball teams? Nicknames for local area Geologists? Local “dig” areas for folks searching for artifacts or dinosaur remains, etc? Please consider placing my responses in your next update and let me know if anybody thinks that your dad is:
a. totally out of it
b. a genius with a fantastic imagination
c. drunk and idiotic, just like his son
d. eligible to run for Dog Catcher on Ralph Nader’s Presidential Party slate.

I will leave it to my faithful readers to determine whether the correct answer is one or all of the above. But after a few minutes, he e-mailed me again and came up with this:

I just read further on your Rocky Boy-Big Sandy message. It sounds like my guess that it could be two Middle School teams playing basketball (or football?) is probably correct. If so, do I win something significant, like let’s say two trillion dollars? Or, a two year free stay at the Ground Hog Motel in Great Falls? Or a catered dinner by your very nice Mayor and her husband? Or, an opportunity to be the Ticket Salesman for your Ice Hockey Team (if the city supports them!)?

All in favor of more “Dad Chimes In” periodic updates, say “Aye!”
By the way: his “dinner with the Mayor” remark was inspired by his lunch with Dona (and Aaron!) back in May; the Ground Hog Motel comment is just poking fun at Montana; and the hockey reference is probably because of the Explorers’ fiasco.



  1. As Howard’s long suffering wife, and David’s step-mother, I have to say the following:
    *He is a bigger ham than even a reform rabbi can handle
    *His corny jokes can fuel a Ferarri for 6 weeks
    *Where can I find a good and inexpensive divorce lawyer (good and inexpensive are probably mutually exclusive terms when mentioning lawyers).
    *and finally,, give me the telephone number of the the woman who said “I want to marry him”. I can refer her to a psychiatrist in Helena.

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