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Most of you know that I do not always agree with the most vocal critics of our municipal government – I am far more inclined to give our elected officials the benefit of the doubt, perhaps naively. But GeeGuy has posted some wisdom that we should all remember, at all times, regarding the attitudes of elected and hired government officials regarding “ownership” of the government:

It is not yours! You don’t own the coal plant, you don’t own the Civic Center, you don’t own the consulting reports, you don’t own the desks, you don’t own the file cabinets, or the files or the paper or the paper clips. If you get information it’s our information. Immediately, good or bad. You’re not smarter than me, you’re not smarter than my neighbor or the guy down the street…The idea that you can withhold or spoonfeed public information to taxpayers in order to support the ends you believe in is abhorrent to our constitutional republic.

And don’t forget that this applies to our Federal government, too. It is indeed OUR government.

as much as I would love to see the coal plant built in order to keep the eco-nuts in a state of hysteria, the issues that GeeGuy has investigated and published are enough to convince me that it is a bad idea, in terms of finance and management. Something just isn’t right, and I don’t understand why the backers of the plant haven’t addressed these issues in clear, simple language.


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