Better Living and Big Sky

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Here it is: a shameless plug for my two other blogs, Better Living Thru Blogging and the Big Sky Blog! First up is the Big Sky Blog, which sadly got hacked over the weekend. I lost – at least temporarily – everything, but am in the process of re-building it. In the meantime, there is some fresh content: news that Montana is the only state that is NOT represented by a large Navy ship, and big-shot magazine The Economist is blogging from Big Sky Country this week.

And over at BLTB, some whimsy, some politics, and some critters: RIP, WFB; very annoying commercials and a talk-radio host; some soulful sleestaks; and goats and sharks! And we’ll wrap it up with what Bill O’Reilly might call the Most Ridiculous Item of the day.


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