You Must Remember This

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“My Very Exciting Magic Carpet Just Sailed Under Nine Palace Elephants.” Nonsense, you say? Not at all – it’s the new mnemonic device to help kids remember the name (and order) of planets and “dwarf planets” in our solar system! And here’s the cool part – it’s the whimsical creation of Great Falls’ very own Maryn Smith, a 10-year old student at Riverview Elementary. She beat hundreds of other students to win the contest. In addition to being enshrined in educational materials, Smith’s memory-helper will also be incorporated into a song by pop artist Lisa Loeb. Way cool, Maryn!



  1. Ashley (Maryns BEST friend. on

    Great job Maryn! I am proud of you for winning, your mnewmatic device was a great idea. You are a great friend!

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