Park-n-Ponder Update

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Nifty – one of my favorite places has a new look! The Park-n-Ponder has updated their look, somewhat, and now sports some spiffy new booths and some fresh paint. The booths provide just enough “privacy” to make a difference, as opposed to the previous all-open seating. Much cozier. And after enjoying some banter with manager Fred and lead server Lionel yesterday, I learned that the Park-n-Ponder has a MySpace page!

the park-n-ponder

And here’s two friendly reminders: first, if you like Lobster Bisque, you absolutely won’t find any better than at the Park-n-Ponder. Second, there is no restaurant with more entertainment value in Great Falls!


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  1. Hey we don’t banter there!! Thanks for the clear pictures to steal!! Come back soon, I have your private booth reserved!!!!!!!!

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