Warm Pix

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As we prepare for a good chance of some more snow and colder temps, you might enjoy browsing through some pictures from some warmer times:

Farmer’s Market, downtown Great Falls, June 2006
“What The Hay” festival, around Stanford/Utica, Septeber 2007
Montana State Fair, Great Falls, August 2007
Newfoundland Dogs, Lewis & Clark Center, June 2007
Alive @ Five, downtown Great Falls, June 2007
Cornfield Maze, Vaughn, October 2007
Welcome Home, RED HORSE, around Great Falls, June/July 2006

Which reminds me…here’s a picture that I took yesterday – I just love pictures that include both the Energy West tower and the Milwaukee Station tower!

great falls montana!


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  1. Great photo! I live in GF, and I love how the towers can be viewed from different angles, and give you a fresh outlook on the city. I’ve seen this view before, but you’ve composed it really well… By the way, I enjoy your blog.

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