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And I use the word “local” very, very loosely. I’m sure most of you know that the US Navy is planning to shoot down a failing satellite soon, in order to break it up far overhead, rather than have it crash into the earth and possibly spread some toxic chemicals. Here is the “breaking news” that the Tribune posted earlier today:

Navy to shoot down satellite minutes after it passes over Montana
The crippled satellite that the U.S. Navy plans to try and shoot down tonight passed directly over Great Falls Tuesday night and will pass northwest of the city tonight about 20 minutes before the Navy fires a missile at the craft.

Now remember that I do NOT think that the Tribune is an evil entity, or run by corporate drones who take their orders from the RNC or DNC, or staffed by dumb people. They do a generally pretty good job covering our community. And I also know that all news outlets try very hard to make national stories “local” somehow, by focusing on any angle that might relate to the local citizenry. But come on: a satellite passing over Montana – make that WAY over Montana – does NOT qualify as “local” or “breaking.” Unless, of course, the satellite actually crashes IN Montana. Then the Trib would have a story.

the original Tribune story has been removed, for some reason, but here is the Forum thread about it.


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