A Boy Named Alice

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Alice Cooper Just read over at the Tribune that Vincent Furnier, Kansas, Joe Nichols and Corbin Bleu will be performing at the Montana State Fair this year, along with previously-announced artists Jason Aldean, Kellie Pickler, Eric Church, and Little Big Town. Wait a minute: Vincent Furnier? Yep – the one and only Alice Cooper! You know – the guy who does commercials for Staples (funny!) and Residence Inn. Oh, yeah, and he’s also something of a legend in rock-n-roll.
UPDATE: some folks are not too happy with the musical choices for this year’s fair; looks like there’s too much country and “classic rock,” and not enough modern stuff. Who would YOU like to see perform?


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  1. I’ve seen Alice Cooper…years ago he opened for The Scorps at the Alamodome. Yes, he is a legend…one of the original shock rockers, IMO. He was great live.

    I don’t think he’s a good fit for a State Fair AT ALL, that’s really bizarre. I actually feel sorry for the guy, now that I know he’s on the bill!

    I’ve never been to the Fair, so I don’t know anything about the venue. Will he be able to integrate the props, sets, and other theatrics that are key to his show?

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