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An interesting celebrity link between Great Falls and Hollywood…well, pseudo-Hollywood, at least. Danny Lopez, a part-time Great Falls resident, is getting some great press for his uncanny resemblance to Johnny Depp (most recently seen in “Sweeney Todd”).

In addition to Being Johnny Depp, Lopez is also known for his mimicry of George Harrison, Davey Jones, and Keith Richards. But the hot ticket right now is Depp – look at these pix of Lopez and see if you can spot the difference. Check out the rest of Lopez’s site – very impressive (although he would be well-served by moving off of Geocities and on to his own domain!). And as far as living in Great Falls:

Lopez grew up in Southern California, but he grew tired of snarled traffic and the hectic pace of life. He said actor Dennis Quaid encouraged him to buy a home in Montana. “A lot of people from Hollywood live up here,” Lopez said. “We just love Great Falls.”

Amen, brother. And speaking of Montana: the Film Stew link refers to Montana as “The Big Country,” somehow forgetting the part about the “sky.”

I’ve got some experience with celebrity impersonators — my father ran a look-a-like business in South Texas for several years, and he had a stable of over 100 performers, including several Michael Jacksons, Rod Stewart, some Elvii, Dolly Partons, Liza Minelli, and many others. Some of them were spot-on, while others were good at acting (or syncing) the part but not exactly dead-ringers. I think my father would agree with me – Lopez is one of the best I’ve seen.



  1. In the interests of keeping everyone’s spelling (and english usage) in check. . . .

    You mention that your father had a stable of over 100 performers.

    The correct word is ‘staple’. (From Google):

    Definitions of staple on the Web:

    basic: (usually plural) a necessary commodity for which demand is constant

    *Nothing Personal* !

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