Valentine’s Day – The Last Minute

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Still stuck on what to do to surprise your sweetie on Valentine’s Day? KFBB offers up some traditional ideas – flowers, jewelry, and such. If you’d prefer something a bit more creative and perhaps less expensive, the folks over at Get Rich Slowly have some simpler ideas, including the private rituals that all couples share (and be sure to read the comments – some good ideas there, too!):

happy valentines day! When Kris and I were first dating in college, for example, I picked up a horse-chestnut from the quad. It was smooth and strong and beautiful. I liked it. On a whim, I gave it to Kris. “This is a love nugget,” I told her. “It’s a reminder of how much you mean to me.” For almost twenty years now, horse-chestnuts have been a sort of secret code between us. I know it’s silly, but I’d rather have Kris give me a “love nugget” than have her buy me something new.

Any tips or tricks from you on V-Day? Something unique or creative that you’d like to share with everyone? And if you’re taking your valentine to dinner tonight, where is the special destination?


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  1. I thought I would share with you my favorite Valentine’s gift. To this day my mother still gives me a little gift with a card that always states how I was and will always be her first Valentine. My mother was a single parent who worked hard and put herself through school with the help of no one and most of times we had very little money. One Valentines Day morning when I was 8 she gave me a handmade card of which she has drawn a little girls with hearts and flowers all around her with a poem that she had written about our adventures together in the. She then explained to me that she had been really busy writting a paper for school (She also worked full time) and was not able to get a me a gift but she promised me we would do something special. It was time for her to take me to day care and she was going to head to class herself but when we put our coats on and she put her hand in one of the pockets she found a $10 dollar bill. We both looked at it and her eyes lit up and she looked and me and said you know I what I think we should do? I think class can wait and we should go to Mrs. Ginny’s bakery and get a bear claw! I loved bear claws but rarly had then for my mother was a stickler with the sweets. I will never forget that cold morning, sitting at the table in the back with sugar all over my face and she sipping her coffee laughing and feeling so loved. I still have that card and to this day we still share a bear claw every Valentine’s day. This morning we did she is Dallas, Tx and myself at the store.

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