Crash Lessons

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Dianne Lorang was driving her scooter in the summer of 2007 when things took a turn for the worse:

I was tooling around downtown Great Falls, Montana, when suddenly I knew I was going to get hit…It was definitely my fault. But I had done some things right. I wore a helmet, even though Montana does not require them. It took the brunt when breaking the windshield, and then again when my head hit the curb. I only saw a few stars rather than years or a lifetime of dealing with major head trauma. My leather jacket and gloves protected me as well.

Go read her whole story, and remember to wear safety gear when you are riding. Helmets aren’t required by law, but it’s a good idea to wear one. My mother, a now-retired surgical nurse, told me that motorcycles are often referred to as “donor-cycles” in the E.R. Thank goodness Dianne was wearing hers!


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  1. I too, ride a 250 scooter. Except we call it a step-through motorcycle. How lucky this woman was. So happy she only received scratches and nothing worse. May she continue to keep her knees in the breeze and the shiny side up. Safety first!

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