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In the words of David Shuster, I am now “pimping out” my site on behalf of my other blog, Better Living Thru Blogging, in order to show you what’s going on over there.

Roy Scheider, the man who faced down the biggest, baddest shark of the 70s, has passed away.
And speaking of the 70s, how many of you remember the time that I filled in for one of the Bee Gees?
Some gut-busting “do” and “don’t” pictures for new parents, which I originally saw via a link from fellow MT blogger Craig.
Larry King featured three celebrities on his program Friday night, and they were all excited and cheering for the Republican Presidential candidate and encouraging young people to “get out the vote” on behalf of the GOP. Oh, wait…sorry, that’s in the Bizarro world. In fact, they were all rooting for the Democrat candidates.

We now return you to regularly-scheduled Great Falls programming.



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