Benefit Success

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benefit for luke clinger We had no idea what to expect as we drove to the Northwest Center last night to attend the fundraiser for the family of Luke Clinger; as we approached, though, it became clear that the event would be a success no matter how you define it. There were scores of cars, and when we opened the door to walk in…it was literally “standing room only.” There were hundreds of people there — it was an awesome sight.

Long tables packed with folks eating, a line snaking around half the hall for other folks to get some food, the other half of the walls lined with auction items, and it was hard to move around because there so many people. The -13 degrees outside was almost refreshing after spending time in the NW Center; it was downright warm and stuffy in there because there were so many people! Lots of friends of Luke, friends of the family, community leaders, CMR folks, well wishers, and more – all coming together to rally support for Luke. It was great.


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