Link Roundup, February 9

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Some good stuff in today’s link roundup – hope you enjoy them!

– Cyndi and her husband will be leaving Montana soon, so they’ve got a great deal on a cute house (and a few other things).

– An enterprising Airman from Malmstrom has created an online database of restaurants in Great Falls: Great Falls Food. Included: a list of restaurants that offer a military discount. Cool.

– Not a large listing – yet – but Rate MDs has some reviews of Great Falls-area doctors. Don’t put too much stock in the ratings, good or bad. With so few users at this point, the “sample sizes” are too small to be of great significance. But anecdotally, they may be of value.

– Susan Overfield, local dog lover and owner of Overfield Kennel, has written a book with a cute title: “Saturday Dogs … And The Owners They Trained.”

– Wouldja believe that Fort Benton has a blog? Written by Ken Robison, it focuses on the history of Fort Benton, our neighbor to the north.

And now a question: do you think that I should include the Fort Benton blog in the roster of Great Falls bloggers? I could argue either way, but will let you decide.

UPDATE: comments and e-mail all agree – add the Fort Benton blog to the roster! Done!



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