IT Job at DA Davidson

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If you’re looking for a job in the IT field, check this out: Davidson Companies is looking for IT Help Desk Technician. More details…

This position is responsible for and not limited to:

* Assist computer users with hardware and software questions
* Field phone calls, email and face to face questions from computers users seeking computer assistance
* Ability to work under pressure in managing and resolving multiple requests from users through the company
* Ability to troubleshoot computer problems, formulates potential solutions and assist user in resolving the problem in a timely and professional manner
* Work as a team member with other members of the IT Help Desk Team as well as the other areas of the IT Department.
* The position requires that the employee be able to lift up to 35 pounds on a consistent basis.
* May require occasional overnight travel to Davidson Company branch locations
* May require occasional evening and weekend work or flexible work schedule; early morning or early evening shift

Desired Skills & Qualifications:
* Familiarity with Windows 2000 and Windows XP ; Vista is helpful
* General understanding of Office XP (2002) ; Office 2003 ; Office 2007
* Good computer troubleshooting skills
* Basic understanding of computer networking concepts and a desire to
* Familiar and comfortable with installation of computer software.
* Excellent telephone and communication skills
* Must be able to work under pressure
* Must be able to work without supervision
* Some previous experience in help desk/technical support is preferred
* Must be able to interact with clients and Davidson Companies employees in a professional and personable manner.

All who would like more information about this opportunity, or who would like to apply for this position, should e-mail Clay Gehring and Joel Enriquez at [email protected] with IT Help Desk Position in the subject line.

If you’re looking for an IT gig, this sounds pretty decent.



  1. Wow.

    Somebody grab me a cup of coffee, quick. Oh, wait, D.A. Davidson hasn’t hired them yet. That’s okay, I’ll wait.

    The description above is really very vague. Sounds like they’re looking for a glorified coffee getter to me, but, that’s just me. If working in IT involved only what’s listed above, I’d have it made.

    Nevermind the IT though, what I need is someone that knows “GRAPHICS”. I mean really. And not someone that just “says” they know graphics.

    If you know anyone that can honestly do graphics, just send them my way.

  2. Yep without all those “Glorified Coffee Getters” how would IT departments function. Give me a break. You know as well as I know this will be vague since HR departments write up these Job Descriptions, and not the IT department themselves.
    The job itself is very extensive and is part Help Desk Technician, Network Administrator, Part Server Administrator and more all rolled into one.

  3. They’re actually doing the same thing I do.

    There are plenty around here that “claim” to know concrete, but very few that actually do. So I’ll dress up a request for potential employment with other things related, just in case I don’t get a real concrete guy.

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