Campaign Cash

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UPDATE, Tuesday night: Good news! Well, for me and other Romney fans. Looks like Mitt has won Cascade County, and is on the way to winning Montana.

As we head into “Super Tuesday,” let’s take a look at how some of our neighbors here in Great Falls are voting – with their cash. The Huffington Post (yes, I hate to link to it, but…) lets you see individual households, the amount donated, and the candidate, all broken down by ZIP code. Click here and then type in the ZIP code, and then you can click on the red or blue dots or mascots to see who gave how much to which candidate.


And over at OpenSecrets, you can see the top money-raisers by metro area; here is a look at Great Falls as of February 1st.


And if you’re wondering how Great Falls stacks up against, say, Missoula and Billings, wonder no more.

As for me – I haven’t donated any cash, but if I do, it will be to Mitt Romney. I hope that I will still have a chance to donate to his campaign after Super Tuesday.


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