Drowning Pool and KISS Army

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As K noted in the comments below, a band called Drowning Pool will be here in Great Falls soon; courtesy of reader Alan, here is a poster advertising the event.

And for fans of more traditional rock-n-roll, check it out: the KISS Army will be in Great Falls on Friday, February 8th! Tribute bands can vary in quality, but I’m pretty sure that a KISS tribute band would be worth the price of admission just for the entertainment value, let alone the music.

KISS Army in Great Falls!



  1. Hmmm..interesting…

    Alan’s poster and the Trib are advertising different dates. Either way, I’ll be there. Let the bodies hit the floor (chorus).

  2. UPDATE: The Trib’s “breaking news” has been revised since last night…imagine that. So March 21 it is!

    Be there or be square.

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