January 2008

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Well, January was a great month here at GreaterFalls.com! Thanks in large part to the “We Make Contact” mystery, the number of visits to the site soared to a new record – thanks, everyone! Some other January highlights:

The “secret” of Monty’s steak revealed; a list of open-all-night places; Winter finally arrived in true form; Larry Kralj and I have a wager on a civics lesson; a fund-raiser coming up for Luke Clinger; my review of “Sweeney Todd” is up; and, of course, the “UFO” mystery was solved.

So again – thanks, everyone, for making GreaterFalls.com so much fun! As always, if you have any suggestions, tips, or criticism, drop me a comment or an e-mail.

And if you’re wondering, here’s the graph showing the last 12 months of visits to the site – as you can see, the UFO/Voyagers stuff really attracted a lot of attention!



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  1. Congrats on the traffic, Dave! Thanks for keeping me updated on the news in Great Falls. I check your blog each morning BEFORE I read the Trib site.

    In the best news to hit Great Falls since I moved here, Drowning Pool just announced another GF date, this time with Saliva! March 19th

    Drowning Pool is (in my humble opinion) the best rock band to come out of Dallas since Pantera. Not just a great band, but great guys — they do alot for the troops overseas and supporting the military has become a platform of theirs of which they take great pride.

    I’ve known these guys a long time, through both my days in rock radio and because we lived in the same neighborhood in Dallas. Don’t miss this show!

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