Friday Quick Hits

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How many of you, when you woke up this morning, looked outside and thought, ” I bet David is in seventh heaven!”? Oh yeah…this is what Great Falls should look like in January! OK, enough snow lust…on to some links:

The Kansas City Star gives former Explorers coach Scott Wedman a chance to explain his side.
Congratulations, Nathalie and others, on becoming US citizens! It is an honor to call you fellow Americans!
Wouldja believe another Great Falls blogger? Yep – go say hi to Eric Heidle!
GFGirl has a poll: do you like the name change to Great Falls Voyagers? I voted Yes.
ReAnn always has plenty of helpful tips for organizing your life, and this chalkboard paint entry is fun!

Happy Friday, everyone!


1 Comment

  1. This is what it should have looked like in November & December too!

    & You are welcome to shovel my walk as well…. LOL

    The chalkboard paint post is so cool!

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