More Snow?

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Possibly good news: “Snow and Blowing Snow Advisory in effect until 5 am MST Friday for elevations above 4000 feet in Cascade County…Winter Storm Watch in effect from late Friday night through late Saturday night for all of Cascade County…” I loved the flurries we had earlier today around noon, and hope we get some more! All in favor say AYE!



  1. YAHOOO!!!!! It is white outside this lovely Friday morning!! Do wish we could have had it on Christmas, but will take it like today with no wind anytime…even in August like we have had before! (Big Smiles)

  2. What a beautiful weekend! What a beautiful day today! I bundled up and rode my bike to work today; it was glorious.

  3. Aaron: WOW!!! Yes, the bright sun & the white snow made it one of the most beautiful days we have had since Thanksgiving. However, with a wind chill today of -30 something, you are a brave, stalwart, soul my friend to be bike riding too far. I bow to you for Montana hardiness big time!

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