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Some of you probably don’t know that I have another blog – Better Living Thru Blogging – that is about non-Greater Falls stuff. I’ve been blogging over there since 2000, and it’s mostly just funny links, some politics, and other routine blog stuff.
If you’re really bored and wondering how to waste a few more minutes, here are some of the more popular entries from 2007:

January: how many of you remember Sambo’s restaurants?
February: Sally Field doesn’t need a lot of time for Boniva!
March: some acronyms that you might enjoy at OMGWTF?
April: my seven wishes (note the date of the post).
May: lolcats4u features the one-and-only Cow Cat!
June: my defense of the movie “The Fantastic Four.”
July: The Man With No Name versus The Duke. ‘Nuff said.
August: your mom goes to college. Gosh!
September: the “clueless and arrogant” winner of 2007 is Idris Leppler.
October: would you consider voting for a vampire?
November: gettin’ pimpy wid it.
December: dance like you’re having a spasm!


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