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Had lunch today with someone who knows exactly what’s going on – she wouldn’t spill the beans, but she did tell me that the WeMakeContact compaign is NOT related to Christian ministry, a new movie, a new regional airline, or a new service from Verizon. She also said that the people behind the big news are delighted with all of the speculation and chatter. I heard from two other sources today, one of whom also knows the secret – but she wouldn’t talk, either.



  1. Speculation and chatter? About what?

    I have no idea what you’re even talking about. I haven’t heard any chatter about this contact thing.

  2. Jocko, follow the links and read the comments to get an idea of what people are saying and speculating. And I’ve run into plenty of people in the last two weeks who are wondering what it is all about.

  3. I am too going crazy trying to figure this out. Only 4 more days. There has not been any activity on the “wemakecontact” website for 2 days now!! Some people I know have been asked to volunteer, January 15th between 10:30 and 11:30am for something “Big” but are not being given any other information. Not sure if it is about the same thing or not though. However if it were, I wouldn’t think you would be asked to volunteer for something that was either religous or political without being told. Seems like an odd date (a Tuesday) and even odder time.

  4. Someone I was talking to was suggesting the possibility that its about the return of the Great Falls Hockey Team. They were called the Americans – well if you take the ‘V’ and turn it upside down, you get an ‘A’ kinda-sorta. Oh and the hockey rink is ‘almost open’, but its up by the Airport / Flying J Truckstop. Which is nowhere near the coordinates given (Rainbow Dam Road)? To quote Alice in Wonderland: Things are getting Curioser and Curioser!

  5. I did figure out that the 2nd coordinate is the same place that the first video was filmed.!! The first turnoff overlook at black eagle falls. hum?? Since there has been no other info on the site, I’m starting to think it maybe something lame, or did they run out of hints. Anyways its almost the 15th, with no more clues I will probably miss it as I work during the day. We had a major wreck by our work 1 block away and I didn’t know about it untill the evening news.

  6. Here’s a thought. Pizza Hut is converting the pizza hut on tenth avenue to their Wing Street version with a bunch of varieties of chicken wings. V times 2 would be a W? Maybe their grand opening is Tuesday.

  7. Website seems to be made by an outside source, and edited by “Roy” the apparent 38 year old who hosts the site and posted the videos on youtube. “Roy” is also not very good at spelling.

    It’s pretty much guaranteed to be just a local thing.. probably sponsored by the city. No major corporation would bother to create a unique advertising campaign to bring something to Great Falls.

    Regardless of what it is the hype surrounding it has already made it a bigger deal than what it will be. I’m bracing for disappointment.

  8. Yes – It’s not fun anymore. Here I got all excited and was monitoring the WeMakeContact site and today (8:10am, Sunday) is Day 4 that it hasn’t been updated. RE: Roy’s spelling, I’m beginning to think that the website designer is purposely not spelling right, to give an impression that he’s a ‘regular guy’ (which doesn’t make the regular guy look good), but yes, we have to remind ourselves that this is not a person so much as an AD Campaign, and the material posted is virtual, not real. Even down to the personality of Roy. Sad to say, the event planners messed up, staging this event for a Tuesday, and not a Friday night or Saturday / Sunday. Maybe there is importance to the 15th that could not be avoided.

  9. The thrill is gone. Every tidbit we have learned about this campaign is like a new layer of an onion. Now it is so annoying it makes me want to cry. No national chain would use a rinky dink local design firm to raise such a fuss. So, that leaves us with something local, that will most likely disappoint us when revealed. The bad acting, lame website and so-so design make it fall just short of professional. But, the one thing they did right, and they did it well…make all of us talk about it.

  10. The “decoded image” includes two gps coordinates (if you count the dots): 47° 32.059 x 111° 14.667′ and 47° 32.017′ x 111 15.391′. Here is a tinyurl link to a google map of the area:

    Looks like a good landing spot for alien spacecraft to me 🙂

  11. My guess is that its going to do with our local minor league baseball team and they will change the name to voyagers or something that why all the Sox stuff went on sale last year at the end of the season. hint “wemakecontact” — isn’t that a baseball meaning

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