“Contact” Update

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Some more detective work in the entry below; looks like someone has set up “Montana Invasion” and “Great Falls Invasion” websites that have pictures of and links to UFO and monster movies (War of The Worlds, etc). But there is also a link to www.Invasion.net, which appears to be some sort of “in your face” (ie, youth-targeted and “hip”) Christian ministry. Two thoughts:

First, if the entire WeMakeContact campaign is indeed designed to announce a new Christian ministry or event, I will be sorely disappointed. It may be good news for some people, but I think that most people – like me – are expecting something a bit more “commercial” – a new product or service that is not currently available in Great Falls. For instance, Cyndi’s comment that it might be a promotion for a new radio station sounds interesting.

Second, the Great Falls Invasion and Montana Invasion sites are registered to Tim Austin (as noted by commenter Mike), a Great Falls resident, Neighborhood Council member, owner of Austin Designs, and friend of mine. I’m pretty sure that Tim is not “Roy” and is not behind the WeMakeContact site and campaign. If it really is designed to launch a new church activity, then Tim might have cooked up the two new websites for his own purposes or to assist in the launch, as it is entirely possible that he is involved in the project as a “fellow traveler” – but not necessarily the advertising campaign.

Just a few more days until we find out…

UPDATE: Ron has posted some things that he hopes it is NOT!



  1. Snap, I also thought it might be a religious campaign. Then I thought that would be strange because UFOs are not typically spoken about in the Christian church…. but I suppose if it’s a hip/new ministry then it’s possible.

  2. I really doubt that it is linked with the invasion.net site. Christian youth conferences usually are very forthcoming with what they are and when they are. and even the youth ministries that do use “hook” advertising, they usually have a website or something that is advertised on the billboard. youth ministries want to get you the message asap, so nice try but i don’t think so.

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