Sunday Night

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As far as I know (aka AFAIK!), the debut of “Montana People” with Karen Wolf will air at 10:00 pm on KTGF tonight; take a look and see what you think. UPDATE, 10:56 pm: nope – nothing but an informercial. Anyone know when the show is supposed to air?

Check the local news for developments in the Great Falls Explorers story – looks like the team (and the league?) is in trouble. Sad, if true. Is it possible for a town of our size to support a semi-pro team?

An alleged shoplifter was apprehended yesterday, which is good…but check out the resources that were used to capture him: seven patrol cars, a K9 unit and the Customs Boarder (sic) Patrol helicopter. Wow. I’d wager that the suspect was wanted on more than mere shoplifting charges and assault.


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  1. Dave, Karen Wolf’s broadcast did occur as scheduled Sunday night at 10:00 pm on KTGF on channel 12 on Bresnan cable. KTGF is no longer the FOX affiliate. KLMN is the curent FOX affiliate and it is carried on cable channel 22.

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