Greater Falls on Facebook!

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I’m still tweaking this, so I’m not 100% sure that it works properly yet, but go ahead and add the application and let’s see if Facebook can keep up with GreaterFalls!

Greater Falls! Facebook Application

And if you’re visiting via ReAnn’s page, here are some handy “Getting Things Done” resources!


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  1. Doesn’t the Facebook / CIA connection scare ya David, my friend??? LOLOLOL!
    According to the (highly acclaimed?) New Zealand Herald, Facebook was started by the CIA.
    Just Google Facebook and CIA & you will come up with 401,000 hits! (
    I am *sure* the CIA has nothing better to do than to follow all the folks home who are posting on Facebook & other blogs – perhaps I am now a suspected terrorist because I posted this? (OH NO – Run for the border Martha!!!!)

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