Snap Fitness Update

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Just spoke to the folks at Snap Fitness and learned that the monthly fee is $29 for one person, or $49 for a family…and that there is currently NO enrollment fee, probably as part of the “grand opening,” but that a $49 one-time enrollment fee will soon be required. So if you want to join without paying the one-time fee, get moving! Also: apparently the opening of the NW location is still up in the air – sometime in 2008, but nothing more specific than that yet. UPDATE January 9: just found this KFBB piece (incl video) about Snap Fitness.



  1. It’s also a good idea to check your office complex or company if they have a gym at no cost to you.

    In addition some health care plans reimburse for gym memberships (up to a certain $ amount). Just another way to get fit and save money.

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