“Contact” Theories

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I’ll admit that the “We Make Contact” guessing game is making me crazy – I want to know! The word “contact” might be a clue – something to do with communications, perhaps? Maybe Qwest is going to launch a new service or product. And the prominent letter V in the billboard – could it be related to Verizon, maybe? I doubt either of those theories – the entire campaign smacks of local interest, not part of some national campaign. Or how about this: the “UFOs” flying in the sky over Great Falls – possibly a reference to flying? Maybe a new regional airline will take off (heh) on January 15? Hm.

I’ll say this: it better not be some sort of attempt at a “hip” marketing campaign to promote the Lewis & Clark Interpretive Center. I would be seriously disappointed. I love the L&C center, but the intersection of websites, viral marketing, and alleged UFOs better deliver something more relevant than 200-year old history.

Grrrr…maddening! Any of you have theories about it?



  1. You make a great point about things like this: some times the build-up is too much. The ultimate answer might be a let down.

    I’m sorry, but I just don’t find it that interesting. I guess I’m boring!

  2. I researched the VCast brand, to see if they were rolling out any new product, but to no avail.

    In my mind, it could be some kind of wireless promotion; the word “contact” and the stylized “V” on the billboard leads one to that conclusion.

    You’re right, David, I’ve been driving my household crazy as well with my intrigue of this campaign!

  3. Websites can be keyed by your location.

    Have we asked relatives or friends outside of GF to go to the website, and see if they discover location-specific info?

    Sorry, watching “Deja Vu”, and technology is scaring me right now lmao!

  4. I read Ron’s theory…and I think he has it figured out. Pretty good advertising…I guess we will have to wait to the 15th to see if he is correct.

  5. Well, I was led to this blog by someone from Banik Communications–don’t know if that helps or not but the person sending me the email REALLY wanted me to see the UFO stuff…..I think Ron’s theory works. Too bad this Viral Marketing doesn’t have a way for us to solve it BEFORE the 15th.

  6. HOT TIP!
    Learned from an Anonymous Source, that BANIK COMMUNICATIONS is the ad agency behind it all. They did the videos for the website and the tv ads. So by proxy, I’m assuming that they paid for the site and the billboards. I believe the contact name at Banik is “DAN”. Banik’s phone is 454-3422. Anyone want to call?

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