We Make Contact – With What?

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As I expected, the smart readers of GreaterFalls.com have sussed out some answers in the “WeMakeContact.com” mystery. Harley and AJ, our resident graphics expert, noted that the “UFOs” did appear to be digitally inserted, and Fred pointed out that the domain name was registered BEFORE the supposed UFO sighting, as well as noting that Adobe Photoshop was used on the images on the site:

Screenshot of domain registration for WeMakeContac.com

He also pointed out that the billboard – no small expense – got posted pretty darn quick. And Chuck emailed to remind me that new movies (and video games?) are usually released on Tuesdays – which is when January 15 falls. Todd wonders why “Roy” didn’t go to the media with such startling news, where it would receive a huge amount of publicity if it were legit.

So all this still leaves us wondering. As marketing, it is rather clever – we are indeed talking about it and trying to figure it out. The only connection that I’ve seen between January 15, 2008 and UFOs is a lecture in England about the “British X-Files,” which is not relevant to Great Falls. Or is it…(cue spooky music)?



  1. Another point…

    In the picture shooting over downtown GF on “Dec 27th”, there seems to be an awful amount of green leaves on the trees. Was it just me that missed this miracle of plant regrowth for just one day? The leaves are certainly not there anymore. The pic was not taken on the 27th. No further questions your honor.

  2. I think it’s probably related to the new movie coming out “cloverfield”………..supposed to be releasing on the 18th and is about aliens attacking new york (they have been using alternative advertising techniques).

  3. Colby, maybe it’s about global warming… or to some, it’s just further proof of how totally awesome and powerful the UFO’s really are 😉

    Chuck, the WHOIS contact info just takes you to a company that protects the privacy of domain name owners. Spammers have abused the whois service so badly that private registrations are now common. Emails or letters will get spam filtered and relayed to the owner but it would be up to them to respond.

  4. Registry Whois
    OrgName: Montana Internet Cooperative Association
    OrgID: MIC
    Address: 314 North Last Chance Gulch
    City: Helena
    StateProv: MT
    PostalCode: 59601
    Country: US

    NetRange: –
    NetName: MIC-18-01
    NetHandle: NET-206-127-64-0-1
    Parent: NET-206-0-0-0-0
    NetType: Direct Allocation
    NameServer: LEWIS.MT.NET
    NameServer: CLARK.MT.NET
    RegDate: 1995-10-17
    Updated: 2001-06-01

    RTechHandle: FWC-ARIN
    RTechName: Christian, Forrest
    RTechPhone: +1-406-442-6648
    RTechEmail:′ border=’0′ align=’middle’>

    # ARIN WHOIS database, last updated 2007-12-31 19:10
    # Enter ? for additional hints on searching ARIN’s WHOIS database.

  5. Wow — some great ideas and legwork, gang — keep it up! For now, I’m leaning towards the Cloverfield theory, even though the date doesn’t quite match up. But after reading so many articles about the viral marketing techniques being used for Cloverfield, it sure does make sense.

  6. There is now a TV comercial with the UFO video…the TV screen goes to snow then a black screen with the “wemakecontact” URL and the date 1-15-08. I saw it twice on the late local news last night….

  7. Chuck’s posting shows the website is hosted locally. Here’s a little more networking info:

    [[email protected]]# host http://www.wemakecontact.com
    http://www.wemakecontact.com has address

    [[email protected]]# host domain name pointer raq2.admms.net.

    [[email protected]]# whois admms.net

    Advanced Multimedia Solutions, Inc.
    154 Hawk Drive
    Great Falls, MT 59404

    Domain Name: ADMMS.NET

    Administrative Contact, Technical Contact:
    Spaans, Jim [email protected]
    154 HAWK DR
    GREAT FALLS, MT 59404-6427
    (406) 453-0700 fax: (406) 453-0705

    The website itself is hosted by a Great Falls ISP. Chuck found out who owns the IP address range (MT.NET in Helena). The local ISP would buy or lease a block of addresses (or even servers) from MT.NET. This gives us contact info for the Hosting ISP but not the actual web site owner. The local ISP could be hosting hundreds of websites. MT.NET’s IP block is for 16,384 addresses.

    To me, the use of a local ISP lends more credence to the idea that it’s part of a local viral marketing campaign and not something dreamed up from outside the area.

    The mystery deepens…. 8)

    Todd, I’m with Chuck, what channel did you see the commercial on?

  8. LOL!!! I am a gamer so to me this is old hat. It is called Viral Marketing. You make up a story and get people involved in that story. Then clues and ideas emerge and people work as a group to solve them and human nature works up so that people get psyched for a product or service. Just like, way before the XBOX 360 was announced, there was a website called Our Colony or something like that–it had an ant for a logo–it asked people to get together in groups of like 6 and work through really tough puzzles. Once they were done, they were emailed pictures of the yet-unnanounced XBOX 360–kind of cool marketing and it really gets hype going 🙂

  9. Uh, thanks, Josh, for the retrograde education. . . most of us figured out the “viral marketing” angle, and when I called the hosting company’s number to congratulate them on their campaign and get more details, I was hung up on. So, we’ll have to wait 13 days. . .o, wait, THIRTEEN? Is that another “clue”?

  10. Why don’t you just call Carl?
    Advanced Multimedia Solutions, Inc.
    453-0700, and see what it’s all about, if you can. If this is something with a strict launch or start date, you may not get far, but who knows? You may end up getting the big scoop.

    Learn more about Carl and the gang over at http://banik.com/home.php (these guys are pretty “top hat” around here)

    My opinion says that this current ad campaign is just another one of many that Advanced Media Solutions. Inc. has put on around here over the years.

  11. Thanks Todd.

    Lindsey, now wouldn’t that be cheating? (Besides, I would expect the Terms of Service of any Hosting company to protect their customer’s privacy – absent permission or a court order)

    BTW, the http://www.wemakecontact.com page was updated this morning.

  12. Ok i agree with the rest of you. I am going insane trying to find out about this. But is this billboard or commercials aired or popping up anywhere else? The only thing i can find is here in great falls. So could thid be something exclusive to our city or is it nation/statewide?

  13. If it were a movie it would be more than just here…or a game etc… If thats the case movie or game could be knocked off the list.

  14. If you view the stream of 1’s and 0’s on the site at 41 columns wide in a monospaced font, you get the same “Crooked V” that is on the billboard. Viewed at 82 columns wide you get 2 V’s. Viewed at 122 columns wide you get 3 V’s… and so on and so forth. Interesting effect, but no new clue.

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