UFO Sightings in Great Falls?

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Let’s end 2007 on a slightly odd note: I noticed today that the billboard near the Hampton Inn (at the Marketplace in SW Great Falls) is now sporting the following URL: www.WeMakeContact.com. It also has the word INVASION on it. I figured it was some sort of promo for a Sci-Fi channel movie or something, but no, the website seems to be created by someone named Roy who claims that there were UFOs sighted over Great Falls on Thursday, December 27 at approximately 1:15 in the afternoon. He’s posted two videos of the objects – looks like several bright lights that appear to move in “V” formation. I’m skeptical – never bought into UFOs (at least in terms of aliens visiting from other worlds) – so I’m not sure if this is a legit attempt to shed some light on the airborne objects, or some type of joke, hoax, or marketing campaign. Here’s the billboard:


Of course, this isn’t the first time that “UFOs” have been spotted near Great Falls. One of the most notable American “UFO” incidents occurred here back in 1950, and is commonly referred to as the “Mariana UFO Incident.”

So here’s a few questions for everyone: did any of you see any “UFOs” over Great Falls recently? Why does the billboard have the date 1-15-08 on it, even though the site is live now? Do you think this is legit, or some sort of hoax, joke, or marketing campaign? Why did “Roy” go to the trouble and expense of renting a billboard? Hmmmmm…



  1. Dave….

    After the wife and I reviewed the evidence, we have decided that it must be a promo for something…. Here is why:

    1. The date on the billboard. Why would you have that date on it?

    2. Watching the video’s…why didn’t the camera person follow the “UFO” instead of allowing them to leave the frame?

    3. Why pay for a billboard when you could take the video’s to the news and get much more pubicity?

    I was at Gibson Park (the duck pond)on the 27th photographing the ducks and geese. I didn’t see anything….

    Makes me wonder what the promo is for????


  2. …also, if you watch the video, it’s obvious that the “UFOs” were put into the video – lighting, shadows, etc. Pretty amateur-ish.

  3. Harley’s right about the obvious insertion, particularly on the stadium video, but all the same I wish I had “Roy’s” After Effects software.

    Definitely marketing. But for what?

  4. You can actually see the white dots pass in front of stadium lights and one of the buildings.

    A whois look up on the domain name shows it was registered on Dec 13th.

    The JPG image properties indicate they were created with “Adobe Photoshop CS3 Macintosh”.

    I don’t want to spoil the fun, but for me the interesting questions are:

    1) How do you know to register the site “wemakecontact.com” on Dec 13th when the UFO’s aren’t filmed until the 27th?

    2) How would you get a Lamar billboard designed, printed, shipped and installed in just a couple of days?

    3) Why would you spend over $700 to rent a billboard for a month?

    None-the-less, it will be interesting to see what happens on the 15th. They’ve got me watching…

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  6. I learn from famous ufo’s history place where watertower good proof, I can’t believe priate own by federation farm land around great falls image that. wild life service sometime they did not want place camp there because best hot spot ufos against law bad reason idea huh i know better. many time happen see ufo while camping and hunting season. how to see ufo better? no moon up at night see better star around me see more clear i see ufo every day when no moon up there if cloud it not clear in vision proof it. there so many places happen out there i still learning forever. I went to gibson park feeding ducks and birds cloud up there can’t see there. first time i got face to face ghost form at work watching at me building cables at cable tech inc. once that all.

  7. Just saw this post. To think it was an ad for our baseball team.

    In other news … Great Falls and Montana have been hotspots for UFO sightings.

  8. I lived in Great Falls from 1974 through 1978. We lived on Gore Hill, and my dad worked the missile silos via Malmstrom. In broad daylight while 7 of us were standing in our yard on a clear day, we witnessed a UFO. We first caught a glint of metal gleaming in the sky over Black Eagle, and then it moved incredibly fast toward the center of the city, briefly hovered, then shocked us all at its movements up and down. We knew nothing we humans had built could move like that. I felt I was lucky to have been able to touch the SR71, but even that couldn’t have moved like the object we saw. It ended up zooming miles toward the south and disappearing. It was saucer-shaped in my view, although if you ask my mother, she’d tell you it was cigar-shaped.

    After seeing this, I wasn’t so skeptical about the possibility of UFOs. This was 1975. What could we have had that could have done this?

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