Snap Fitness

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Noticed the new Snap Fitness center in the Target shopping complex yesterday – looks pretty spiffy. The idea is cool: if you’re a member, you can go workout anytime, day or night, 24 hours a day. A staff member is only available during certain hours to provide management, oversight, and sign up new members. Access is controlled by a key-card, I believe. No contract, no sign-up fees – just a monthly membership fee. The equipment all looks shiny and new. The phone number is 727-2077, if you want more information.
Nifty idea, and timely, too, since so many people (hangs head sheepishly) make New Year’s resolutions that involve losing weight and getting in shape!

Snap Fitness in Great Falls Montana

Also of note: the NW side of town is in desperate need of a fitness center – all of the others are on the South side (Gold’s, Peak, the now-closed Nautilus, and now Snap). Well, there’s good news: according to the Snap Fitness website, another location will be opening soon at the corner of Smelter and 4th Street NE (lots of new stuff in that area lately!).


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