2007 Highlights

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Wow! 2007 was an amazing year here at GreaterFalls.com – thank you for keeping this place fun and for coming back to visit. Thought it might be fun to take a stroll down memory lane and review some of the more popular entries this year. Here’s a starter list:

The “Tattoo You” entry back in January garnered some attention because it was pointed out in the comments that Mystic Rhythms offered a free $50 tattoo of the ARTIST’S choice. Yikes.

A Hobby By Any Other Name” was my defense of blogging against those who deem it to be solely the province of losers, geeks, and people with too much time on their hands.

The ads for Dragonfly Dry Goods seem to inspire pretty much either love or hate among Great Falls residents!

In April I posted an entry about “Coming Clean” to reveal my “true” feelings about Great Falls – but as most people figured out in short order, the date of the entry was a dead giveaway!

I’ll rustle up some more popular entries later – in the meantime, if there’s a particular entry from 2007 that you really enjoyed – or want to see followed-up in any sense – let me know!


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