Boston’s The Gourmet Pizza

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We finally made it to the new restaurant – Boston’s The Gourmet Pizza – last night. We went at 9:00 pm, figuring that the wait wouldn’t be too bad, and we were indeed seated immediately. The atmosphere is lively, and the overall look of the place is pretty fun. There seemed to be dozens of staff members rushing around, most of them with smiles and zip in their step. The menus are fun, too, presented like large hard-back books. Plenty of choices on the menu: pasta, pizza, burgers, seafood, salads, and lots of appetizers.

Since we had never eaten at a Boston’s The Gourmet Pizza before, we opted for basics: a bacon cheeseburger and a shrimp-n-pasta dinner. About the burger: they LOADED it with crumbled bacon, and I never thought that I would say this, but there is indeed such a thing as “too much bacon.” And the bacon wasn’t even good – it was way too “smoky” flavored, and really distracted from the burger. Although once I removed most of the bacon, I could see why: it was not a good burger. Didn’t taste like fresh beef, if that makes any sense. The shrimp-n-pasta was a bit better, but didn’t quite fall into the “good” category. Fair, at best. And our server, for some reason, didn’t seem to have the “zip” that the rest of the crew had – she went through the motions without smiling or seeming enthused.

Sigh. Basically, it was very much like Applebee’s – generic, rather bland food served in a “forced fun” atmosphere. Except that, unlike the several times that I have eaten at Applebee’s, I didn’t feel sick afterwards. Overall, quite disappointing. There’s lots of other stuff on the menu, so we might give it another chance – once we cycle through our regular eateries a few more times.



  1. David,

    I’m surprised at your experience. Although I chuckled a little bit when you got a burger at a pasta/pizza joint. đŸ™‚ But that doesn’t excuse the poor food.

    My wife and I went there again last night and we each liked our dishes. I got the create your own pasta (just very basic) and my wife got the ravioli. Both were very tasty.


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