Christmas Morning

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Sigh…no “white Christmas” here in Great Falls. But hey – I turned on the virtual snow here at, so maybe you and your loved ones can snuggle around your computer screen, sipping hot chocolate, and enjoy the snow falling from the top of your monitor to the bottom!

So – anyone have some fun Christmas stories to share? Memorable morning, unique present, squealing child, or other such fun?

ALSO: if you’re looking for some great online fun, check out this incredible MetaFilter thread with links to dozens of Christmas-themed episodes of TV shows, such as Barney Miller, News Radio, and Welcome Back, Kotter.


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  1. I love Montana. We were up there in June a couple of years ago and the Going To The Sun road was still closed. It rained, we got wet, and we left. I want to go back and stay for at least a week. We only get snow once every 10 years or so, maybe one white Christmas in my lifetime!

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